A glimpse of Heaven was revealed and it was so.
It’s not just a place as many think, it’s about a Person.
All living and non-living matter are sustained by Him.
It’s the Person who came on Earth 2000 years ago.
He bridged the Earth heavenward using the Cross.
He is THE GREAT I AM from eternity to eternity!


His Glorious Presence makes Heaven a Paradise.
Without Him, Paradise would be a lifeless empty space.
His name is Jesus-Christ and He is the light of Heaven.
This Light shined and gave life to our dying world.
It shined from His countenance and cast out the darkness.
This Person is the essence of the Heaven we talk of.


Soon we shall land in the Most Holy Presence of His.
We shall be escorted by the dazzling angelic beings.
We shall navigate the galaxies as our familiar zones.
We shall meet all the blessed people who followed Him.
Those who endured pain and became Royal Heirs.
They will inherit Heaven, where their King reigns!


There will be no more pain as sin will not be found.
Heavenly beings and earthly humans will cohabit.
Under this reign, Heaven will visibly be our habitation.
The old shall have regained their radiance and vigor.
The young shall have got the ideal heavenly stature.
The hearts will be melted by a never-ending joy!


Some dreamed of that land as a full groceries store,
Others think of it as a venue free from wars and troubles,
Many think of the land as a place of greater mansions.
Others just think of it as the home of their deceased ones.
Some even wrongly described it as a state of mind,
But Heaven is all about Christ and His infinite presence!


Soon, a glimpse of Him in glory will turn into Heaven itself.
He will shine His majestic splendor to our feeble statures,
We shall look like Him in beauty and divine character.
He will take us where our hopes have been longing for.
We shall abide with Him and cheer upon His countenance.
With our loved ones, we shall rejoice in His presence—Heaven!

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Twagirimana Osee
February 5, 2021 8:19 am

Thank you so much brother


AMEN AMEN. May He increase our Faith and enable us to have appropriate preparations to rejoice forever in His Presence

I strongly like your Writing talent.
Keep using it for the Glory of God.


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