Becoming a Christian, I thought, was a natural course even a precondition in view of the strong Christian influences, my immediate family’s religion being mainly Christianity. Plus, if they weren’t it’s not like the country of my birth- Burundi isn’t composed of +90% of its population identifying as Christians. So really my neighbors’ influence too would have been an ample reason for me to be a Christian.

The same would be said for a certain Abdul or Ahmed living in a strongly Muslim adhering country or a certain Shankar or Patel in a Hindu one. The path is already set, right? Well, I would like to say that it is not obvious for me to be a Christian, and here is why.

The church services didn’t have any appeal to me. My eldest sister was religious before any of our households ever was, so it was natural for her to bring her younger siblings along in whatever event in her church. But I would rather stay home devouring cartoons than going to the very boring church services that I dreaded. At the time I was 10 years old.

Moreover, I had Muslim family members that we had strong affinities, and their religion had an equally compelling attraction to me. Really just the forms and rites were somehow mystic and I liked it. People started to believe that I would eventually become Muslim due to the open intrigue I had for Islam. At that time, I was 14.

Finally, I was on a steady path in a life of enjoying whatever I found myself to do by trying new things and strengthening old habits. Both of which were far from being commendable.

So why did I become Christian in view of my indifference for the things of God or my attraction to Islam or living an unconstrained lifestyle of ease and pleasure-seeking? The reasons are simple but for the sake of the reader who would want to research the verifiability of Christian claims, let me start scientifically.

The historical events such as the Egyptian plagues found in Exodus 7:14 to chapter 11:10 are recorded in the Ipuwer Papyrus now stored in the Leiden Museum of Holland; the fulfilled prophecy about the destruction of sites such as Tyre (Ezekiel 26:2-3,12) are present and well known.

The authorship of the Bible by God is evidenced by the consistency of the different human agent-authors’ main topic- the Plan of Salvation for man, regardless of the huge time differences separating them and so on.

When the young boy that I was first had the convictions of truth I didn’t know any of that. I just felt a feeling of unworthiness and great helplessness which I later discovered to be the workings of the Holy Ghost in the heart of every sinner. I didn’t right away recognize what to do but I reconned that there was more to life than the life of uselessness I was living. I was 16.

The moment of decision came when a preacher at my former high school gave a powerful sermon that I don’t even remember what it was about and gave an even more powerful appeal. I couldn’t resist the call; I didn’t know how, since the message found a ready heart. There was nothing anyone would have said at that moment to convince me otherwise. I had decided to give my life to Christ fully. I was 18.

My case for Christ isn’t a scientific one nor a rational one but my experience is in brief. Since then I have tasted and realized for myself that God is good for He instructs me in grey areas of my life, keeps me from unknown dangers that I later realize, teaches me to forgive the unforgivable, reminding me that I was the most unforgivable, and to love the unlovable for the love of God through Christ that lives in me in the person of the Holy Spirit creates an unquenchable light and fire to love others outside of myself.

There was nowhere expect from the Christian Bible that I read the wholesome words describing the love of God to me that He gave His precious Son to redeem me (Read John 3:16) and the life of Jesus Christ that you can’t help but admire and love as the Gospels open to you.

This is my case for Christ to you- A changed life. A life that only Christ could make new and useful out of. That’s why I am a Christian or follower of Christ. I am 23.


By Ted Vaillant

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Brian Michael
July 17, 2021 4:01 am

Amen And Amen Praise God, and Glory To Him, who did a great a great work in your heart, am blessed and encouraged too, it’s good to hear the story of the saving of a soul, May the LORD keep you always till the end of age Brother Ted. God bless also Gospel shapes

Shakira Umuratwa
July 17, 2021 8:30 am

God bless you Ted!!!


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