Does it ever cross your mind that sometimes it is the mundane, humdrum assignment or plodding task that we don’t recognize at the moment, which is actually the pathway to something dignified that the Lord has allowed us to be included in, in the story that he is plotting in this generation? We often scorn the small things in our lives, the small errands that we are called to do. In the Bible, Saul is described as distinct from all other people. He was the most graceful among them all, I have no doubt that if he was here today, we would always be eagerly waiting for his Twitter and Instagram notifications to pop-up, because who would not be following Him? The Bible mentions that he is chosen and yes his resumes are one of the records.

And the asses of Kish Saul’s father were lost. And Kish said to Saul his son, Take now one of the servants with thee, and arise, go seek the asses. 

If Saul was flamboyant and savvy as our generation fights and strives to be to the extent that we think it will comprise us in God’s big plans for us. It wasn’t Saul’s incredible resumes, but his willingness and courage to do a simple assignment that connected him to the promises of God.

Think of all those tasks God gives you but act blinded about it, the job opportunity you got but ignored because it wasn’t white-collar as you desired, the laundry that you do but wait for someone else to fold, the assignment that just needs to be written, but because that is so simple, ordinary and sometimes old fashioned, we leave it out. Little do we know that it’s the donkeys that lead to destiny. Just because we think we were made for bigger things and we ride on our resumes without giving it a thought that God only wants those that are willing to faithfully and obediently submit to his tasks. Sometimes it is those small tasks that we turn our noses up for, those that we think someone else will take care of that connect us to his big plans for us.

This slight version of Saul ought to show us how God is in the details of setting us up so we can move forward in the future He wants us to have. God is our Great Shepherd who guides His sheep. If we only see the end of our little noses, God can see beyond into time, and into the big picture of history. We should believe that our lives are significant in his sight and in the big scheme of things,  trust God even if our lives don’t make so much sense and even when life throws us chore after chore after chore, his plans are good not for evil so we need to stick to his plans.

  A servant prayed to God to show kindness to his master Abraham: “Let it come to pass, that the woman to whom I say “Put down your pitcher and give me a drink” if she says “Drink. Here is water for you and your camels also”, then let her be the one that you have appointed to be Isaac’s wife.”

And before he was done speaking, Rebecca came with her pitcher on her shoulder to draw water from the well. She was a fair and virtuous woman. She drew water from the well. The servant approached her and said, “give me a drink of water from your pitcher.” And Rebeccah said “drink,” and quickly put down her pitcher and gave him a drink. And then she drew some more water from the well and humbly watered the camels.

Little did Rebecca know that from this simple and regular task, on that very day she’d meet her husband and Little did Jochebed know that from just being a good mother she could be and crafts a basket to set the bay a sail on the rivers and hopefully he would be safe, she was sending his Son to be raised as a prince of Egypt.

The donkey took long for Saul and the servant to find it. They went throughout the land, which was roughly 25 miles in length and twelve in width, and of which forced Saul to walk through Ephraim’s hilly terrain (1 Sam. 9:4) and the Western mountains.  In fact, the Bible describes their search with these words: “Then Saul traveled through the land of Benjamin, but he and the servant still could not find the donkeys.” Many times, we don’t understand the circumstances in our lives. They may not seem important at all in the big scheme of things; they can tire us; and yet they can be used by God to swivel our lives. We only ought to be humble and prioritize prayer to unlock the resources of heaven to unleash upon us, walk in a manner worthy of the calling and stay the path.


By: Stella Sugira









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