In a world where trust and love are scarce,
Where friends depart in your time of need,
Where hatred is covered up with big smiles,
Where gossips spread more than the gospel,
Where relationships are just for a little while
There is a love that will never let you go!

That love existed before anything else was,
That love never knew any change or decay.
It has always been the light of the universe,
Its radiance never ceased to amaze its hosts.
It has been the source of life to all the living,
Because it’s a love that can never let them go!

Like the lost sheep, we had all gone astray.
But that love kept looking for us selflessly.
Without minding the huge cost it would take,
It availed us eternal life through an eternal death.
That cost was so infinite just like that love was,
Just because that love could never let us go!

Millions have got a shelter under that love wings.
Though others despise its pleading and promptings,
It keeps longing for their infinitely purchased souls.
That love is so mighty to grab us by an irresistible force,
But its rules are deliberate and never act harshly.
However, it’s still a love that will never let us go!

That love is not just a feeling but it’s a Person.
That Person is not only human but also divine,
Not a mere angel but Michael, the Lord of Hosts!
Though He first came to us like a dependent babe,
He is returning to take His own as a Glorious King!
Because He is the Love that will never let us go!

Rejecting Him is the dumbest act we can ever make!
Living in the scarcity of this Love is like the damn hell.
Walking in its dearth is like walking on a rope of death.
Resisting its Spirit is ugliness at its highest degree.
Abiding in this Love is the only state that can fulfill you,
Because it’s the Love that will never let you go!

Poem Written by—Jacques FAVOR

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Great Poem. May God open our eyes that we see more of his everlasting love to us.


Thank you Favor may the Lord bless i


Oh love that will not let me go! Thanks again for reminding me of this great great news. Hallelujah


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