~Short Poem by Jacques Favor

Amid the noises and storms of this complex futile life,
When everything seems to be hopelessly falling apart,
When exhausted and left to stay in a waiting-mode,
When I choose to be alone in my familiar closet,
Where there is no one to disturb nor things to distract me,
In my inner thoughts, I can hear that still small Voice.

It has been always whispering in my innermost thoughts,
But due to my life daily chaos, It usually seems muted.
However, I know It’s an ever whispering cool Voice.
It sometimes allows winds to mercilessly blow on me,
But It can’t leave me without steadily whispering hope,
Spelling H.O.P.E in full words as “Hold On, Pain Ends”

That still small Voice lovingly acts like my lifetime Helper.
It always knows when, how and what to whisper in me.
Without that still small Voice, I would be just a corpse.
It sounds very familiar to me as It grew up with me.
It existed even before I was formed in my mother’s womb.
And at my birth, It animated my first cry as a new life sign.

As I grew up, that still small Voice gave my life a meaning.
It showed me the Way-Truth-Life even when I didn’t care.
It exposed my selfishness and revealed how LOVED I am.
It revealed to me that LOVE is a Person named JESUS-CHRIST.
It pointed me to His love letter written in red at Calvary.
It revived my soul and sprinkled a saving faith in me.

I am still alive because that small Voice still breathes in me.
I can’t miss direction as It is my unerring lifetime Compass.
When lost, It whispers of which path to take either left or right.
As long as I live, It constantly whispers of love, joy and peace.
Even when I will be dead, It will breathe again in my soul,
I then shall rise to meet and stay with Its Author at His 2nd Coming.

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