Meet the Gospel Shapes Team!

God is Good, All the time!

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. ~ Ephesians 5:11

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Our Purpose

“With all the available digital resources, mainly social media, the Gospel of Christ can be creatively shared through art. This is why the GOSPEL SHAPES team exists. We are at your reach in spreading the Gospel of Christ through different art facets like eye-opening photography, short videos, poems, and other written pieces that are convenient to you. Feel free to approach us and tell us how you are impacted by what we do. All credits go to God.” 


Our Vision

To share the Gospel

Our Mission

Share the Gospel in an artistic way that makes sense to all listening!


Our Values

We die to self every day and let Christ shine through us!


Our Objectives

Matthew 24:14 – KJV
14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.


Our Dream

Is to go to heaven and have as many stars as possible on all our crowns!

Jacques Favor

CoFounder, GS Director
I believe the GOSPEL SHAPES has come at a convenient time. Through its messages of hope and grace, minds will be enlightened in a creative way.

Hope Douce

CoFounder, GS Audio-Visual Art Manager
The Gospel Shapes Team is just a vessel through which we spread the Gospel using our God-given abilities and talents. Every skill and wisdom we were given by God is to serve and honor him.

Nadine Kaneza

CoFounder, GS Secretary Accountant
I believe that God will enable us to convey messages that will attract many to Jesus Christ through our unique digital platforms, namely Gospel Shapes.

Ted Vaillant

CoFounder, GS Content & Editorial Manager
As GS Team, we hope to bring that Word of life that changes lives until the image of God is recreated in His people. through our easy-to-use digital platforms. Our objective is to share the Sun of righteousness, Jesus-Christ!

Robert Mugisha

CoFounder, GS IT Analyst
I believe in sharing the gospel using any means necessary and ready to try as many ways as possible. At Gospel Shapes we strive to turn people to Christ in order to experience his wonderful love!

Sandrine Gisele

CoFounder, GS Creativity & Innovation Specialist
With all available digital resources, “Gospel Shapes” will feed you with the Gospel of Christ through art. I believe you will rejoice in the Lord as you grow in Him.

What we stand for: