#NowIKnow By Esther Tumuhairwe

Once young and clueless
Thinking life is made by laughter
But now I know who makes laughter,
It’s Christ.
I thought happiness comes from having a loving family,
But now know who makes a loving family,
It’s Christ.
My Confidence and Joy was based on who loved me,
But now I Know what makes ME confident of Love,
It’s Christ.

Now I know,
Without Him, laughter is meaningless,
Good things wouldn’t please me,
Possession wouldn’t make me secure,
Being loved is not enough,
Neither is conquering the world,
I know I want more,
Now I know, It’s Christ

Now I know,
Life’s deepest Joys will lose their taste,
Nature would lose its touch on my heart,
I’d be as Vile as anyone,
Now I know, He is the Sail to my Ship.
His breath, spirit, and Presence is the steering wheel to this engine called life
The fuel to even the least of my energy
Now I know…

And I am glad
Now I know

Esther Tumuhairwe

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March 26, 2021 8:35 am

May we always know that He is all we need! God bless you😊


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