~ Short Poem by Jacques Favor

In this world where it takes to be powerful to survive,
Where weakness is considered as a deadly curse,
Where the weak is mocked almost by everyone,
Where some get rich at the expense others’ poverty,
Where people cover their flaws to fit in the “high-class”
There is a Kingdom where I rejoice over my weakness.

At first, I thought I had to impress the Ruler of that kingdom,
I even tried to boast over my good-looking character,
I even thought of giving blameless sacrifices to gain His favor,
But later on, realized that nothing from me was worthy.
I then felt on my knees in tears as I had no merit at all.
That’s when He said, “Son, Rejoice over your weakness.”

Rejoicing over my weakness seemed to be a failure,
But lo, this was the beginning of my lifetime success.
That kingdom has rules that contrast our usual ones.
To be great, you must walk through the path of humility.
To be powerful, you must rejoice over your weakness.
To be successful you must put aside your natural pride.

The products used there are the “Made-In-Christ” only.
Nothing of yourself is required rather you only receive.
Before you get filled, you must recognize your emptiness.
Before you live in abundant love, you must die to your ego.
Before you do the acceptable good, you must be born-again.
Before having strength, you first rejoice over your weakness.

Rejoicing over my weakness is not a desperate condition.
Instead, it’s a condition to receive strength from Above.
Where the King empowers you with His infinite strength.
It’s where my strength turns into a rope made of sand.
It’s where my pride seems to be a path to destruction.
As I rejoice over my weakness, His grace abounds to me.

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