Short Poem Written By Jacques Favor.

I am who I am, His Root-Name.
We all come from His bosom,
Even those who deny this fact.
He is beyond our description.
Though He was infinite in state,
He once chose to live in our finite state.

I haven’t yet seen His face,
But I am sure He sees mine.
I sometimes feel far from Him,
But He is the nearest of all.
I haven’t heard Him singing,
But inside me, His melody rings.

I haven’t yet seen His smile,
But He is my laughter source.
He rejoices over my wellbeing.
His heart is synced with my heartbeat,
His love is just as He is in measure.
His soul is forever blended with mine.

He understands my deep covered scars,
Even when I look the happiest of all.
He heals me even when the diagnosis fails.
His balm is body-mind regenerating,
His touch is infinitely relieving and
His written voice is my daily therapy.

I long to meet Him as He shows up,
When this body-veil will be torn apart,
When I put on the glorious upward flesh.
I will see Him just like He sees me now.
I will glow His likeness in full measure.
At His glimpse, my tears and fears will vanish.

I will know Him by His pierced hands and feet,
He will know me by my blood-washed garment.
He will hold my hands at the twinkling of an eye,
With thousands beside, we shall erupt in praises.
We then shall land in the glorious Unknown.
At last, in His glorious presence, we shall abide.

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