Hope for a Remorseful mind

Wholly immoral we are our trespasses in abundance.
Our words are misleading and full of hatred.
Our minds, Satan has bound.
All we humans are detestable beings
All of us are fallen, revolting we are all to God

Our thoughts are thirsty for what evil wants and not
the willingness of who wrote our lives. Purity we don’t
want; splitting our ways is our preference and God’s is
different. We pray for guidance but following we put less
or no effort. Rebellious we are to thee.

It’s all about freeing and unchaining our minds, making
a place fit for God to abide espousing the new, doing away
with the old, and Jesus will make a deep-rooted impression.

Repentance in words we say but it is a don’t in our lives,
indeed far away thought. Shall we repent and be forgiven,
And to the evil, we shall no longer be driven. A mind
transforming spirit we need, changing power we pray for.

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