Play The Narration by Ted Vaillant of ‘He thought of me’ a poem by Jacques Favor



Short Poem by Jacques Favor.

When Heavens above were made by the Infinite One,
When this planet Earth was a floating dark lifeless shape,
When surface waters were without flowing current,
When the air was silent and lifeless in its content,
When darkness and light were not yet separated,
I am joyfully convinced that He thought of me!

From the First day to the Sixth, He skillfully created.
He made the waters rhythmically flow on the ground,
He made the underneath and brought forth hilly sides.
He adorned the land with flowers and colorful birds.
He perfumed the air with life-soothing fragrances.
Even through all these, I know that He thought of me!

He couldn’t rejoice on the Sixth day ending without me.
He made me last just to inherit all that He had made.
That’s when He breathed His life-giving spirit in me.
And as I took my first breath, warmth filled my inside.
As I opened my eyes, His glorious Face was my first sight.
I then realized that all the way He thought of me!

As I looked around, colors were filling the landscape.
The air was so fresh that I could smell His presence,
He took my hand and made me walk in the surrounding
In the glittering garden, I heard birds sweetly singing,
In the nearby trees, I could gaze upon pairs of gazelles.
In their fellowship, I realized that He thought of me.

He then rested and brought His angels to befriend me.
On that 7th-Day, they all marched singing praises to Him.
I joined them as their melody filled the whole universe.
It seemed as if the whole universe was befriending me.
In awe, I looked at the One who brought me forth to life,
In His Infinite face, I could read that He thought of me!

That 7th-Day Sabbath was a Heaven-down portion to me.
I could sense the beauty of His character and infinite Love.
His face was infinite rejoicing toward His creation.
As I was about to ask what I should do that day,
He gently took my hand and lovingly looked in my eyes,

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