[Redemption Version]

Poem by—Jacques FAVOR


When the heavenly palace above was infinitely glittering,
When all its hosts were praising their Lord—Sabbaoth,
When their melody and holiness were loudly blending,
When all creation was shouting“Gloria in Excelsis Deo!”
Except for this fallen world that was chained in darkness,
He willingly chose to come down, as He thought of me!


Being the Creator of all, He emptied Himself of all but Love.
Though infinite in glory, He just came to lie in a manger.
When engulfed with hard trials, He never lost His heart.
His love was His powerful weapon against His enemies.
Even at His hardest scene, He gently remained loving.
Just because, since He came down, He thought of me!


With a burdened heart, He pressed toward Gethsemane.
His shivering body led Him to His knees in an awful pose.
The blood-sweat drops on His face made Him look strange.
“Father, if possible let this cup pass from me!” was His fervent cry.
Weak in His body but strong in His loving heart, He cried.
He went through all these because He thought of me.


In His infinite agony, the Arch-enemy approached His spot.
Then all the powers of darkness surrounded that garden.
The closest of His company was indifferent to His agony,
His Father’s empathy was the only anchor that held Him.
While bargaining with Him of the cup He was about to drink,
He then remembered me as He had always thought of me.


Thinking of Heaven without me, He returned to His senses,
In a vision, He foresaw the glory that awaits the redeemed,
He then stood again to steadfastly face the shameful cross.
Knowing His fate of eternal death, He carried it to Calvary;
Though mocked for His lost Hosannas, He tightly carried it.
While enduring this shameful scene, He again thought of me!


Nails hanged Him on the cross but only love held Him there.
As eternal death engulfed His sphere, Justice was being met;
As He was crying “It is finished”, my penalty was paid in full;
As He closed His eyes in death, His mission was accomplished;
As He was resting in the rich man’s tomb, my case was rested.
As He rose from the grave, my salvation was completely made full.

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Powerful message

Twagirimana Osee
May 14, 2021 9:01 am

Jesus paid all to me💓 Thy Love is everlasting.
Thank you so much brother

Nsengimana Emmanuel
May 14, 2021 9:23 am

God bless you Brother. Knowing that i was in God’s mind since Creaction, causes me to fear not for any worldly Trials and temptations.


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