Don’t Rush God…

Hey you! Yes, you. You who is looking around for a woman or a man who might be a perfect wife or husband. The one you actually call Mr/Mrs. Right. I hope all is going well as you are reading this.

There’s no wrong with what you are praying for but it’s so unfortunate that you have forgotten yourself and made finding a partner for life the all-consuming theme of your prayers.

It is too bad that the environment around has created in you such a mindset that you are at the right age or have reached the time to marry/get married. You might think time is running so fast before you achieve great things or life’s goals but listen. God is never wrong when He tells you to trust Him and hold on to His proper time. He has His own timing and it’s always… always PREFECT! Trust me.

You will see signs from God when he or she is actually the one. You will have all the answers to why you had to wait patiently and one of those reasons will be that God did not want you to have just a wedding but a marriage- Not just a gathering of people but a real ceremony of love and life covenant with the presence family, friends, and angels as witnesses. God wants to set a little heaven on earth through your home. However, believe it or not, this won’t turn out to be so if you rush God because of pressure within and without.

Another reason would be that He wants to prepare you enough to be THE perfect partner for the one who you really need at your side. The one that will appreciate you the way you are. He doesn’t want for you a sorry marriage with weak foundations which will end up in fights and in the court.

Until you learn to lean on His unfailing word, you will know that every single step you have to make in your life matters a lot to Him. He never wants you to mess up anything especially your future. Thus the delay.

Yours with love🌸

Gisele Sandrine

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Felix Habinshuti
May 28, 2021 12:08 pm

Strongly agree.
May God bless you to share these truthfully words.

May 28, 2021 1:10 pm

Keep preachin Sandrine, keep preachin
Thank you for this piece of writing, you are full of words of wisdom.
Blessings your way
GS, Thank you for synergizing your talents to spread the Gospel.
Jesus is coming soon!




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